Sorcery Now Available for PC Players to Choose An Adventure

Since the days of Zork, the interactive fiction genre has changed pretty massively. We have systems like Twine to allow an accessible way for anyone to tell their story, while games like 80 Days are widely loved. It’s nice seeing these types of story-heavy game getting so much attention lately. Inkle, the  developer behind 80 Days, must certainly feel the same sort of pride for the interactive fiction genre, having just re-released the first two parts of their fantasy epic, Sorcery! Inspired by Steve Jacksons’ classic “Choose Your own Adventure” books, Inkle have brought new life to the stories with a wonderfully animated world.

Originally released in Spring, 2013 for iOS, Sorcery is planned as a four part series. Inkle has promised the third chapter to be coming to PC soon, and the fourth chapter to release on all platforms together by the end of 2016. You can follow the developer’s blog for updates on the series, or buy Part 1 and 2 on Steam.

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