Solve Puzzles How you See Fit in Membrain


Puzzle solving can be something of a serious frustration. A player may see a path to solve the problem but isn’t allowed to explore it due to the strict perimeters. Developer Mystic Penguin Games, however, wants to give players more freedom with their first person puzzle platformer, Membrain.

Players can build their own solutions to the puzzles they’re faced with. Want to cross a gap on to get to the other side of the room? No problem, the player can simply enter the level editing mode to put down a “Block” or a “Launch node” that will allow them to do so. Players will be able to manipulate cubes to aid them in solving the puzzles. These cubes, however, don’t come free, they require resources which the player will need to manage in order to find the solution to each level. The story of the game follows a man named PROTO who has woken up in the mysterious world of The Membrain. He has one goal, to escape. He’s accompanied by a robotic companion named ANNI who has a childlike demeanor and gleeful disposition.

Membrain is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight and is expected to release in May for Windows PC. To learn more about the game and the developer Mystic Penguin Games follow them on Twitter.

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