Solve Puzzles And Experience Dynamic Music In Lowglow

Lowglow is an audiovisual physics-based puzzle experience. An ambient soundtrack with dynamic SFX encourages an immersive and atmospheric vibe as the player guides drops of light through glowing levels, bringing light to the darkness. Mind-bending mechanics affect how the player can solve each puzzle. There are often multiple solutions, meaning players can truly think for themselves as they progress.


The levels have distinctive styles and there are over 100 of them for players to work through. A level editor is coming soon to broaden the game’s experience. These puzzles are connected by a narrative that sees the player journey to save the realm of Umbralight, where the forces of light and dark are dangerously out of balance. Players can skip the story to focus solely on puzzling if they wish.

Lowglow comes from Rockodile, a games studio based in Turku, Finland. The young Rockodile team got its title through Steam Greenlight in eight days, and it is coming to PC and Mac through Steam on December 3rd.


For more information, check out the Lowglow website, or visit the Rockodile page. You can also find Rockodile on Twitter or FacebookLowglow will be available for PC and Mac on Steam from December 3rd for $7.99 USD.