Solve a Mystery by Making Your Gayway Home

Frank has a problem. His father is dead, and everyone says it’s a suicide; but Frank knows his father differently, despite the two of them being estranged for years. After leaving his pirate ship and gathering his friends, Frank must get home and discover the truth to save the reputation of a man that wasn’t even that fond of him. Thus begins Gayway, the newest point-and-click adventure by Camouflame, featuring a wide range of colorful characters.

In addition to Frank, the Gayway team consists of Leon, Tim, Jake, and Rus, all men with their own issues to deal with in Strongtown, where Frank’s father lived. Players must guide the characters through precarious social situations, choosing the appropriate man to give a firm hand to whatever job is at hand. The folks that populate Strongtown may want the player to take a back seat, but when all else fails, flirt and see what happens. Different characters open up different paths when used effectively, revealing additional scenarios to explore. Experimentation is a key part of the healing process, and everyone’s invited.


Gayway is currently on Kickstarter, seeking $54,150 USD, with about a month left to raise funds. In addition to the funding of the game, a number of stretch goals include giving each member of Frank’s posse their own story, so that players can explore the situations they have come to Strongtown to resolve. Camouflame hopes to have the game completed in 18 months, with DRM-free copies for Windows, Mac, and Linux backers at the $16 USD level.


Follow @Camouflame and @gaywaygame for more information about the project, as well as additional screenshots and videos. “Like” the Gayway Facebook page to join the conversation and leave comments for the developers.

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