Solo Developer Crafts Sandbox MMORPG

Realm Zero is a fitting name for a sandbox RPG, a place intended for players to make their own and shape as they see fit. What’s more staggering is that a project of such scope is the work of a one-man army.

Players have the reins in deciding what to do with the land in-game, which they can claim as their own. Once a plot is chosen, players can build a house from gathered materials which then serves as their base. In a unique twist, players must visit their base at least once every two weeks, or else it will fall apart. In order to get things going, every player is equipped with a number of skills, which aren’t permanent commitments – they can be changed at any time. Those divide between five subcategories, like combat, crafting, and harvesting. Some standouts are “Spirit Speak” to communicate with the deceased, “Magery” for casting spells, and “Cartography,” for recording maps.


The combat has a different feel from most MMOs. Instead of targeting a foe, Realm Zero has dynamic, FPS-style combat, as showcased in this videoRealm Zero‘s YouTube channel has plenty of videos demonstrating various aspects of the game in progress. Last December, the developer, Hank Newman, successfully launched the server online hosting a number of players. He hopes to attract more users as he’s laying out more of the groundwork for land claiming and housing that will be non-instanced (visible to other players). He’s also open to contributors to the project, and has plans for greater community involvement including a chance to vote on features developed for the game.


Realm Zero‘s website posts updated information on the project, and those interested can register here to enter the closed Alpha. There’s also a GoFundMe page for the game where people can support development with donations.

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  • Did you use Skyline game engine for this game?
    Been a one man developer, i think you must have had to use this engine because of the time it takes to use unity or others is cut in half with it.