Solarix – Putting Horror Back In Survival Horror

Pulsetense Games have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming, absolutely frightening, and amazing looking game, Solarix. The campaign goal is set at £10,000 and currently sits at just above £600 at the time of this writing, and has until August 8 to make this goal. Solarix is an FPS, psychological survival horror that is definitely looking to infuse ‘horror’ back into the genre.

The game puts action on the back burner – something many survival-horror games no longer do – and instead thrusts players into a dilapidated environment that exists within the confines of space. Being a survivor of a human experiment gone wrong, they must take caution around the other infected crew members and avoid the ‘clean-up’ squad that has been sent to destroy all that they come across. The only friend at their side are the shadows, concealing them in darkness.

Solarix 2

Solarix aims to revitalize true stealth gameplay, where one must rely upon their smarts to survive, and not their brute strength. Putting the light meter to good use is a must, creating darkness and finding the darkest spots are what one shall end up striving for in this environment. Adaptation is key, as Solarix has open ended gameplay, meaning there is no one way to progress through an area. Ammunition is limited, and the longer one dwells about, the more likely they are to be spotted by enemies.

Solarix is also being developed with a complex AI for its enemies, so that they are unpredictable and will not fall into the same routine of movement, meaning everyone will have a different experience and approach needed to move forward. Pulsetense Games are looking to keep their audience on edge at every possible chance.

As mentioned, the dev team is only looking for £10,000 to fund this ambitious project, and it is one that is definitely worth attention. If you can’t support them directly, help spread the word about Solarix, and be sure to check out its Kickstarter page to learn of all the stretch goals, rewards, and other various information. The game is already Steam approved and is in talks with Microsoft pertaining to an Xbox version of the game.

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