Soda Drinker Pro Set to take the FPS World By Storm

First Person Soda, that is.

Will Brierly’s irresponsibly, dangerously realistic soda drinking simulator, Soda Drinker Pro, will soon be unleashing its lethal potential on Steam consumers now that it has passed through Steam Greenlight. With its cutting edge soda simulation and hyper-realistic graphics, this new market reach may be what finally sunders humanity, leaving us all prisoners of a simulation that offers endless soda over countless worlds and situations, leaving us with no reason to return to the real world.


With the latest update, the game will now offer saves, meaning the player no longer has to play through the 100+ simulations all in one cola-addled sitting. New soda simulations have also been added for previous soda fans who have somehow escaped the simulation. The strange, hidden game within Soda Drinker Pro, titled Vivian Clark, has also had a few more stages put into its surreal offerings. Brierly also hints at a mysterious Spaghetti mode.


The Steam release will also contain achievements for the competitive soda drinker, rewarding no-scope soda slurps and things like that. It will also allow for soda customization and crafting, thus cutting off any difference between the simulation and the real world as players truly make each soda their own.


Soda Drinker Pro is currently available on its own site for $4.99, and will be available on Steam soon. For more information on the game, you can follow it on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow developer Will Brierly on Twitter.

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