Soccer Knockout Currently Out For Mobile Devices

To celebrate the passion and competitive spirit that stems from this year’s World Cup, Ginja Games has released Soccer Knockout for mobile devices. The game requires a minimum understanding of soccer, or football depending on where you’re reading this from, and focuses on the fans instead of the actual teams.


In Soccer Knockout, players juggle and kick a ball through the streets of Rio during one of the games in the tournament. The player must continually keep the ball in the air; otherwise the other team will score a goal. Simultaneously, as the player travels through the level, they can earn goals for their team by kicking the ball to knockout the mascots, and destroy the symbols that represent the opposing team hanging on the walls of Rio. The symbols tend to be the opposing team’s national flag, which seems bad but isn’t as strange as one might think.

Soccer Knockout uses 3D graphics in order to better show perspective and distance within a game. There are also several hazards that will require careful planning and navigation, as well as a time-limit to reach the end of the level, in order to represent the time-limit of a World Cup match.


Soccer Knockout is currently available for iOS devices for $0.99, and Android devices for $1.16. Those interested can also look forward to a review for the game within the coming week.

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