Soar Through the Distorted World of Perfect Moon

Perfect Moon is best described as a dream – familiar things, imprinted in a distorted surreal world, not exactly aware if these things are relevant, but it’s those very things that make it so intriguing.

Perfect Moon is a platformer, with warped gravitational physics and an unconventional control scheme in comparison to classic platformers. The control scheme has not been clearly described, but developer Will Sykes claims that  it’s intuitive and allows for depth without overly simplifying the gameplay.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 3.30.05 PMThough there doesn’t seem to be a clear narrative to Perfect Moon, you play as a shaggy haired, shirtless man. You’ll soar, float, and run through a dream like world composed in black and white. In each level you’ll have a number of diamonds you must collect while being timed, though it doesn’t seem you’ll be battling against time. The levels showcased in the Perfect Moon trailer are surreal and beautifully simplified, showcasing the protagonist jumping through clouds that castle-like-structures float upon, leaping from moon-to-moon, and dodging treacherous obstacles such as giant saws and spikes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 3.30.09 PM


Will Sykes, formerly a part of UsTwo (the developers behind the breathtaking Monument Valley), has departed to pursue his own direction as an indie developer, with Perfect Moon being Sykes’ debut release.

Perfect Moon is available for Android now here and is expected on iOS very soon. You can also ‘Like’ the game’s official Facebook page here.

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