Sneak Through the Castle in Coward Knight

Knights are brave, strong servants that have completely mastered many military skills to protect the kingdom and the monarchy above all things. But what if they weren’t like this at all? The perfect “anti-knight” is the protagonist in Coward Knight, a stealth-based fantasy game released for iOS and Android systems by Italian developers Studio Leaves.


Coward Knight challenges players to reach the end of 8 different castle halls without being caught by any soldiers, while collecting as many rupees as they can. This logically involves not being seen or heard by anyone, so the player must be careful and use any walls or openings to hide while soldiers patrol the area. Occasionally, players will be required to use the sound of running to distract guards, but doing so properly will require proper planning and execution.

Despite being fearful, the little knight can still hit the guards and even take them down, but the attacks must be done in the right time and situation to avoid heavy counter-attacks. Other obstacles in place to slow the knight down include various traps like thorns, noisy worms, axes, and many other subtle dangers.


Coward Knight released earlier this month for iOS and Android systems, and it’s available for free. It can be download via the App Store or Play Store respectively. For more information about the stealth adventure, be sure to visit the game’s website.

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