Slow and Steady – ‘Siege of Turtle Enclave’ Marches Towards Beta

Siege of Turtle Enclave is an interesting looking game in every way. From its cartoonish visuals, concept of leading an army of turtles against a legion of birds, all the way to the unique style of a 4x real-time strategy.

Siege of Turtle Enclave

A step-by-step plan of game’s development for the next few months has recently been released, promising to move into beta stage soon. The plan is to release a major update by the middle of March. The closest update will include twelve units, six structures, and new crops. The update will also include a test demo for Mac users to give, “…non-PC heretics a chance to command turtle hordes.”

King Heftig will release build 0.5.8 about a month after that, which will add an even larger number of units and structures.

In the time following 0.5.8, the developers will release the 0.6 beta update for Siege of Turtle Enclave. King Heftig promises the battle system and A.I. will be improved, in addition to features such as specific a unit leveling system. It was also said that, “A sense of progression and goals should be much more apparent in 0.6.” When the game enters beta stage, the alpha funding price of Siege of Turtle Enclave will increase from $4.99 to $7.99. You can follow King Heftig on Twitter, Facebook, or the game’s Tumblr blog for up-to-date info on development! You can also alpha-fund the game on Desura.

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