Slice up a Magical Dish in Battle Chef Brigade

Few things spice up cooking as well as magic. In the world of Battle Chef Brigade, warriors discovered better and better ways to handle meat hunted from animals. Forming an elite group, they add their hunting skills to magic and cooking to prepare the wildest dishes to please the most critical judges.

Developed by Chicago’s Trinket Studios, in graceful 2D animations, the game’s fantasy setting brings interesting flora and fauna to life in an all-out cooking competition. Along with the main character, Mina, the campaign mode features two other playable characters, all aiming to win the Battle Chef Royale. The player chooses what dish to prepare, minding special ingredients and particulars of each round, but that’s only half the equation. To get the freshest food materials, one has to venture out and hunt. The place for that, the Kitchen Arena, has a thriving ecosystem. It may not be the smartest to quickly chop up the closest flock of birds. Feeding them will get them to produce their precious eggs, while simultaneously exposing the avian animals to other predatory creatures.

Putting the actual dishes together is a combo of skill and creativity. There are many spells to learn, some of which can, for example, ignite knives to heat up the dish as its being cut, or save it from a disaster. Over time, new spells can also help with hunting, as will purchasing new and better cooking equipment.

The team has been self-funding the title for over a year now, but is looking for a stronger funding push to finalize the art and sound assets. According to Trinket Studios, the game will be “in the Oven until 2016 (or until well-done!).” Battle Chef Brigade will also hit Steam Early Access before full release, which will happen on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Their Kickstarter campaign is off to a good start, but still a long way from fulfilling the goal. Pledging as little as $15 nets a DRM-free copy of the game, possibly with a Steam key as well pending a successful Greenlight. For more details on delicious reward tiers and exciting ways to spice up the kitchen life, check out the campaign page, Battle Chef Brigade’s website, and look to IGM for future updates.

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