SlashDash Brings Ninja Combat to Xbox One

SlashDash, developed by Nevernaut Games, puts players in the shoes of tiny ninjas who duke it out in a fast-paced 2-4 player bash. Nevernaut wanted to create a game that is easily accessible but also offers a deeper level of mechanics.

SlashDash will feature 9 different interactive maps. Each of said maps includes elements influenced by historical landmarks from the Japanese Edo period. Furthermore, the music and sounds of each match will evolve as the game progresses, making each match sound different from the last while utilizing Japanese instruments and samples.


At the beginning of each match, players will be able to choose their weapon of choice to best fit their gameplay style, or to counter their opponent. There are four game modes in SlashDash including:

  • Capture the Flag (2v2): The first player to capture their opponent’s flag three times wins.
  • Assassination (2v2): Work to assassinate your opponent’s Shogun while protecting your own.
  • Deathrace (free-for-all): Fill up your meter faster by staying alive longer. Stun and kill your opponents to slow their meter down. The first one to fill up their meter wins the match.
  • Mirror Match (free-for-all): A 2-4 player game mode, where players control five ninjas at the same time while working to kill off all their opponents.


Look for SlashDash to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace July 17 for the price of $9.99 USD. To learn more about the game, be sure to visit the official site.

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