Skyworld Launches as One of Steam VR’s Flagship Games

This week’s Game Developers Conference has showcased an explosion of new gaming technology, as multiple companies are closer to pushing their virtual technology gear. Skyworld is among the first titles from a new wave coming to Steam’s HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

One of the first of its kind, Skyworld is a VRTBS — a virtual reality turn-based strategy game. The player takes the role of a sole heir to the king’s throne, armed with a powerful magic scepter, attempting to unite kingdoms divided by an evil with coven. Controlling the scepter by using the VR headset, players can cast spells to put them into action and place units around hexagonal spaces. One of the most important commands issued by the scepter is the ability to tame dragons, which is instrumental to victory.


“Developing Skyworld in such close cooperation with Valve’s Steam VR team has simply been amazing,” said Richard Stitselaar of Vertigo Games. “We are thankful for the support and trust they have shown our studio over the past couple of months, and believe this has given us a crucial edge to develop the best experience possible for this amazing VR technology.”


Valve’s HTC headset utilizes a 360-degree room scaling solution, which means that two Steam VR bases track the user’s movement in a 15×15-foot space. In Skyworld, that translates to the player feeling as though they’re walking around in their empire, controlling it from a personal distance. With wand waves, the players take turns, but no worries about fatigue. The matches will be fairly bite-sized in comparison to bigger strategy games.

Skyworld spreads its wings on Steam VR in 2015 as both a seated and full-room virtual experience. Steam’s HTC Vive headset will launch sometime before the end of 2015.

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