‘Skyrim’ Content Pack Hits ‘Minecraft’ On The Xbox 360

Skyrim Mash-Up Minecraft

This week saw one of the more interesting Minecraft-related stories as Bethesda, Microsoft, Mojang, and 4J Studios launched the Skyrim Mash-Up for Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

The full-conversion content pack will turn the popular creation game into an Elder Scrolls themed world allowing you to shape your own adventures in the recognizable land of Skyrim.

The content pack will include the following features:

  • A Skyrim themed texture set which can be applied to new or existing Minecraft worlds.
  • 40 Skyrim character skins allowing you to truly capture your own adventure in the frozen north.
  • Skyrim themed menu, UI, and inventory to fully engage you in the new experience.
  • Skyrim music score featuring a whole selection of great Skyrim scores to enrich your Minecraft experience.
  • Pre-made world recreating many of the loved Skyrim areas: Whiterun, Riverwood, and Bleak Falls Barrow all on a smaller scale to work within the game engine.

Minecraft has been one of the most successful indie games of all time and with this new premium content pack the Xbox version has just gotten better. If you are a fan of both Minecraft and Skyrim this may be a great pick-up for you at the very affordable price of just $3.99.

Skyrim Mash-Up Minecraft

You can purchase the pack on Xbox LIVE and start your own adventures today. The Skyrim Mash-Up pack can be purchased via Xbox LIVE, for more information check out Bethesda’s official blog post on the matter.

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