SKARA – The Blade Remains Aims to Establish New Genre

8-bit Studio aims to bring a new type of online game dubbed “Multiplayer Online Versus,” with their title Skara – The Blade Remains. Players will duke it in duels to the death in a persistent, online arena, jumping into the fray as quickly as they can log in. This fleshes out in a mixture of RPG and fighting elements in cruel and quick FPS-style arenas. The combat is going to approximate fighting games rather than MMOs, so rather than cycling skills and popping cooldowns, players have to rely on reflexes and agility to finish their opponents with bloody fatalities.

This free-to-play indie title wants to stand out with competitive, eSports-worthy gameplay, immersive graphics, and a player-driven story. Combat emphasizes skill rather than statistics, as almost any hit can kill a combatant quickly.  Victors in Skara’s universe will write their history by forming factions, creating cities, and forging weapons and armor. A sense of community will function alongside blood-curling battles for spoils and prestige.

8-bit is aiming for a global release at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. Additional information about Skara can be found on the game’s official website.

The studio’s Kickstarter campaign for the game failed last year, with 130 backers rounding out £40,000 out of £150,000 (approximately $65,000 out of $245,000).



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