Sink Into the Corruption of This is the Police

Jack Boyd’s been an honest cop for his whole life, but with a forced retirement coming in six months, he’s finding that he’s got nothing to show for his lifetime of integrity. With corruption and easy money all around him, he’s decided to toss his standards aside and try to make as much money as he can before he’s off the force.

As chief, he has plenty of dirty ways to make the cash, allying himself with the mafia, crooked politicians, and as much drugs and cash in the evidence lockup as he wants. Still, palms need to be greased for this to go down. The right people need their kickbacks. The right people have to go to jail. This is where the player comes in, helping Boyd make his retirement cushy in Weappy Studio’s This is the Police.


This is the Police uses strategy/tycoon elements to help run all of Boyd’s crooked operations. Boyd has to make the right friends to make money, which can be done by doing favors. Documents may come in from the mayor’s office asking that the police act in a certain way around a protest, or maybe the mafia wants the player to turn the other way. Doing so raises Boyd’s position with these groups, but it’s hard to do favors for one side without angering another. On top of that, Boyd is still chief, so he does have a city to run and protect. That means dispatching officers to crimes, following up on gang leads, and trying to keep the peace. The player can’t let that slip, either, turning the game into a balancing act where Boyd keeps the city together with siphoning off as much cash as he can. Preferably without angering the wrong people and ending up dead, of course.


This is the Police lets players tell their own story of corruption and the lure of easy money, although their actions will dictate what kind of end that brings. The devs at Weappy Studio need your own cash to help them put this experience together, though, and have launched a Kickstarter to generate funds.

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