Side-Scrolling Snowfight Simulator ‘Schoolyard Snodown’ Starting on Kickstarter

Schoolyard Snodown

I’ve yet to see a game that really does a great job of simulating old schoolyard snowball fights, but the team behindĀ Schoolyard Snodown seems to have something special. The game is currently trying to raise funding on Kickstarter to finish the game, with a humble goal of just $3,000.

There is a demo of the game available to play, and while it’s pretty difficult, it’s a lot of fun and gives off a good feel for what could be fleshed out as a full game. The controls are simplistic and the art is exactly what a player would expect from a game like this: a clean slate of pixel art. It is currently the 3rd top rated game on Scirra Arcade.

Any donation towards Schoolyard Snodown will get your name in the credits of the game, and a copy of the game (once it’s complete) is only $5, significantly lower than most Kickstarters.

The game is made in Construct 2, a game-making tool that’s very popular among indies. This allows the team a lot of freedom when it comes to platform released. Thanks to the flexibility that Construct allows, they are able to release on a number of platforms, and if there’s enough interest, they have stated that they will expand beyond their PC/OUYA release plans.

The game also has a Steam Greenlight page in early development. Keep up with updates for the game by following @Snodown on Twitter!