‘Shwip’ A More Relaxing Dual Stick Shooter


Jamhammer is a brand new Canadian indie company consisting of two guys just hanging out and making awesome looking games. Their first game is scheduled to come out at the start of May and is known as Shwip, and no I didn’t just misspell “ship”.

Shwip is a dual stick shooter and quite interestingly Jamhammer have labeled it as “relaxing” and “casual” yet I am somewhat sceptical about how relaxing this will be considering just how stressful dual stick shooters classicly are… at least to me.

Jamhammer aim to take Shwip away from the classic dual stick shooter by adding in many new elements previously unseen in this genre. Adding in meaningful upgrades and traits will allow you to further your tactics and strategy with this fast and furious space shooter.

Just by looking at Shwip you can see that Jamhammer were indeed influenced by Geometry Wars although they have somewhat scaled back the colours and lights for a much more relaxed affair which hopefully will not be quite as stressful and if you can believe it much more relaxing.

Shwip will offer a selection of game modes from the relax mode which will put the player into a game of very graduated difficulty starting very slow and easy and very slowly getting your thumbs working. This in my opinion will be very interesting to see and just how relaxing it will be still waits to be seen.

In addition to the relax mode expect a style mode which is a fast paced mode all about winning by chaining attacks using different weapons, along with a multiplayer option allowing you to battle with up to three friends to see who can dominate in this space shooter.

Shwip really does look like a very promising new shooter that brings a lot of new ideas to the table really making this dual stick shooter something quite different. Shwip is currently trying to get past the Steam Greenlight system so be sure to check that out. For more information on the developers Jamhammer’s site is a good place to start. Shwip is scheduled for release at the beginning of May.

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