Search Goes Live – Kicks off with Giveaway Contest

ShopGamingAndrew Pallett, who was previously featured on IGM as a result of DareVolt’s video interview series, VG1K, is working on something new. It’s called, and it is essentially a price comparison site for gaming. It not only compares prices across pretty much every site you could find the product you wish to buy, but it compares everything from gaming software to gaming accessories; from Amiibo figures to Xbox Live and PSN currency, it compares it all.

In addition, to celebrate the Beta version of being up-and-running, Pallett has announced a competition, which begins today and runs until April 20. To be entered into the competition, people need to subscribe to the ShopGaming newsletter, or follow the ShopGaming Facebook and Twitter accounts. Those that enter have a chance of winning consoles or games and gaming accessories, but all who take part get a free indie game via Steam just for entering.

In total, five consoles are being given away, along with a selection of games and accessories, which are ‘unlocked’ as more people join the competition; think stretch goals on Kickstarter. To join in on the competition, gamers can use the hashtag #shopgamingcomp on Facebook and Twitter.

ShopGaming Screenshot

While it’s certainly not the first site created for the purposes of price comparison, sports an easy to use interface. Those interested can find the terms and conditions for the competition here.