Shop Keeper Drops the ‘N’ in NPC

In most RPGs, players always politely buy and sell items using NPC merchants, but have any of us ever imagined the hard times these poor characters go through to make their living? Or wondered how hard it is to set up and manage a shop, or deal with thieves and robbers? Shop Keep, the new game from Shop Keep Team, will make us live as one of these merchants, and learn what it’s like to buy and sell goods in Middle Ages.

The players, as merchants in a first-person view, have to completely decorate their shop with shelves, tables, counters, swords, shields, and several other items to sell, as well as to set a good environment for the costumers. There are plans of including 5 to 6 different shop floor sizes, all accessible through upgrades.


Of course, costumers are the key part of Shop Keeper. All kinds of adventurers will come to the shop looking for specific items that best suit them, such as spell books for mages and daggers for rogues. It’s the player’s duty to price the goods according to their goals in that day, and a part of the process is to take some risks of selling products for a very low price or an extremely high price. After all, if they’re buying, why not profit?

A campaign featuring over 60 different scenarios is being prepared for the players, where they’ll have to level up their shops and get better skills to face thieves and other troublesome adventurers. At this moment the game is almost fully functional, with thieves, skills, and tax systems ready to be implemented, the latter of which can possibly bankrupt the keepers in cases of bad management. Worries about pricing, ordering products, and consumer satisfaction are constants in Shop Keeper.


Currently scheduled for release in Q3 2015, the game will be available for PC. For further information, those interested can visit the game’s official page on IndieDB.

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