Shoot Shoot Mega Pack Changes the Rules, Everytime

Party games can be very divisive, especially if they involve shooting friends. Shoot Shoot Mega Pack is all about that, but hopefully it won’t be one of those games that ruins friendships.

While Shoot Shoot Mega Pack features a minimalist design and has fairly simple gameplay —  the goal is to eliminate the other players — it includes a ton of customizable rules that dramatically alter how it’s played. The first way to experience them is by using preset scenarios, such as “zoom,” which expands the walls and obstacles every time a player shoots, or “sync,” where players all shoot simultaneously.


Once players get comfortable with the game, Party mode might become the bigger attraction. Party mode randomly mixes up SSMP‘s rules and applies up to five scenarios at a time. Altogether, it may create a match where bullets bounce off players instead of killing them, everyone shoots at the same time, deadly vortexes appear under players, and touching walls equals death.


The game, originally prototyped under the name sync, debuted at the 2014 Global Game Jamsync‘s concept changed into SSMP after it was showcased for a second time at the Venus Patrol and Wild Rumpus Party in San Francisco. The creator, Jon Remedios, brought two collaborators onto the project before developing full-time.

Attendees of the upcoming PAX Prime, which takes place August 28-31 in Seattle, WA., can take the opportunity to play SSMP at the Indie MEGABOOTH.

Check out SSMP‘s website for more information, including a video that explains more of its rules. There’s also a podcast with game development tips and a subscription option for more updates.

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