‘Shelter’ and ‘Forge’ Featured In The Majestic Indie Bundle


Today, Bundle Stars launched their latest (and extremely affordable) bundle, the Majestic Indie Bundle.

Featuring nine base games (not counting the multiple games that come with some of the titles) for just $3.95, the Majestic Indie Bundle is a deal indie game enthusiasts will not want to miss out on.

A few of the standout titles included in the bundle are Might & Delight’s Shelter, and Dark Vale Game’s Forge.

Earlier this year, I played a bit with Shelter, and wrote about and recorded some of my experiences, within the game. In Shelter, players take on the role of a Badger parent, tasked with ensuring the survival of their offspring. Players must navigate through a number of levels, all constructed to mimic the natural environments that one would typically find a badger within. Among the levels are all sorts of natural hazards, from wildfires to hungry eagles, all of which threaten the lives of the babies. Shelter is both a heartwarming and heart-breaking experience, one which I still recall fondly, many months after having played it.

Forge is a free-to-play action MOBA, where players fight others utilizing one of the handful of character classes available. Forge is a great-looking game, and with a handful of friends, is quite an exciting experience. The biggest issue I had with Forge was the lack of players online at any given time. Server populations were a bit low for me, but maybe things have changed over time. Being included in The Majestic Indie Bundle will hopefully boost the population by a bit. Because the game is free-to-play, what buyers get in the bundle is the Forge Starter Pack which adds in an XP-gain booster to the buyer’s account for the first month of gameplay.

Also included in the bundle is Mount and Blade, Majesty 2 collection, Hoard Complete pack, Crusader Kings complete, Enclave, Rune Classic, and Knights and Merchants.

All titles in the bundle activate on Steam.

The Majestic Indie Bundle runs through the end of the month, and a percentage of the bundle’s sales are donated to Special Effect, a charity that helps disabled children and adults play video games.