Shape a Democracy for Better or Worse in Econia

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Developer Gorogorosama has recently taken to Kickstarter to fund its upcoming strategy game, Econia. Players begin as a humble farmer, and are tasked with participating in an expanding democracy.

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Citizens within the game world vote on numerous laws and chase a variety of interests. In order to progress, players can hire (and fire) workers, invest in advanced technology, and regulate numerous marketing methods. Advancement in Econia has a dark side, however, as players also have the ability to manipulate the system for their benefit. Marketing specialists can aid in swaying elections, and wealth has the potential to sway the democracy’s government. The developer states, “Understanding supply and demand, the power of marketing, and using money to tip the system in [the player’s] favor will be the keys to success.”


Econia recently made its way to Kickstarter and has raised approximately 20 percent of its $25,000 goal. If the project’s funding is completed by November 24, it’s planned for a May 2016 release. Gorogorosama intends to launch the game through the App Store and its website for free with no ads or in-game purchases. Assuming specific stretch goals are met, the developer also intends to release the title for Android and Steam users at a later date.

For more information, check out Econia on the developer’s official website.