Shaman Story Heads to Kickstarter

German developer East Mountain Entertainment has recently moved its upcoming role-playing game, Shaman Story, to Kickstarter. The project stars a man who must become a shaman in order to defeat the malevolent ghosts plaguing his world.


Players can, however, control various spirits of their own throughout the game. The available spirits can be trained and upgraded to increase players’ chances of victory in grid-based combat. The game also features an orb system — involving the collection of spirit orbs and attack orbs — which allows for the use of combos and increases the potential for diverse attacks. Players will travel through an open world and are able to complete the game through a number of diverse paths.

Shaman Story is now on Kickstarter with the aim of raising $26,415 USD by November 30. According to the developer, “The funding target is set at €24,000 for the establishment of the company, wages and licensing fees.”


No launch details are set in stone, but if the game is funded, the developer intends to release the title through its website, Steam, and GOG in late 2016. Stretch goals for the game include customizable in-game housing, additional spirits, a world editor, and the potential for online multiplayer skirmishes. For those interested, a playable demo of the project is available.

To get more information, check out Shaman Story on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.