Settle the Frigid Nordic Land in Northward – With a Friend

I’m a fan of management games, perhaps because they give  a strange sense of control in contrast to my completely disarrayed life – but enough about me. Located in southern Sweden (the direction here is very important), studio Nemoria Entertainment is venturing to the frigid, unfriendly northern Nordic regions in Northward.

The studio is creating an IndieGoGo campaign for this old-school-looking management game, and their prevalent idea is cooperation. Since most RTS and similar sim games are done solo, why not tag along a friend? Support is definitely helpful, as a mysterious fog is swallowing up whole villages, leaving behind void, lifeless zones. The goal for the villagers is to travel north in hopes of finding the source of this corruption, and put an end to it.

Communication and cooperation are key, as there’s lots to do in Northward. Villagers can gather resources like trees and stone, then use them to build connecting roads, buildings and watch towers. Every player controls an elder, a sort of hero/scout unit that has access to spells, both for combat and aiding the village economy. Monsters emerge from the fog, catastrophes happen, and everything needs to be properly managed, like manning the watch towers, for instance. There are also mysterious deities you can sacrifice to in exchange for boons.

The IndieGoGo campaign just started, so check it out and consider supporting. As little as 9 grants access to both Northward and Oknytt, Nemoria Entertainment’s previous title. Steam is key for the game’s multiplayer, and the creators are trying to get it Greenlit right now. Also, if you fancy a demo, look at their funding page for links to Windows, Linux, and Mac versions to get a taste.

Are you ready to venture Northward? Brrr. Cold there.

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