Send Viruses To Your Friends and Shake Your Bums in Script Kiddies

Hack your friends’ computers, send viruses, and shake your bum, in the pixel art modern classic, Script Kiddies – now looking to be funded via Kickstarter (visit the page here)!

You take the role of a hacker and must compete against another like yourself. You’ll battle to spread a virus to each other’s computers, each of which the players must defend by performing randomized “code.” But don’t worry, there is no coding knowledge required. The “code” you will perform is a randomized set of button combinations that you’ll have to complete before the virus reaches you; if the code is done successfully, the virus will be sent back to the opposing player, who will have to defend his computer.


To shake things up a bit, there are several floors, all of which contain a server and a computer that you’ll have to defend, adding an intense, and at times hectic, experience to running around. If a player is infected with a virus, they will have a small time limit for them to run to the infected computer and send it back.

Script Kiddies is reminiscent of competitive multiplayer games from the Commander 64 or the NES era – with a pixel art style, and the non-violent approach to competing against one another. It’s almost like Tapper, but for nerds. Also, in classic nerdom fashion, the game will be completely open-sourced, allowing the community to tweak and modify the game the way they see fit.

Developer Austin Dixon (Studio Trex) is looking for $8,500 to make this game a hacking reality. The game is planned to be released Spring 2015 for PC, Mac, and Linux. Stay up to date on the development of Script Kiddies by following Dixon on Twitter.

Kurt Indovina is a writer and artist, with an unhealthy obsession for the graphic adventure genre. He spends his time finding games that are more or less out of the ordinary, and push the boundaries of what defines video games as a medium. His dreams and aspirations is to one day be an old woman. If you like your coffee black, the game Grim Fandango, or the show Twin Peaks, you'll get along just fine.