See How Your Hard Drive Files Will Build Levels In Latest ‘AdventurOS’ Video

Back in August, we showed off AdventurOS, a game from the team that created Super Tower Rush and Pixelry. At the time, the game was in the middle of a funding campaign on IndieGoGo, which ultimately raised over double the targeted goal. The IndieGoGo campaign featured a brief look at how the game would look in motion, but just earlier this morning, Evelend Games released a proper concept trailer for the game.

AdventurOS is built using a system that scans the player’s hard drive, and constructs the levels of the game, based on what is currently stored. While that would obviously cause some security concerns over privacy, Evelend Games developer Lorena Casanova told IGM, “The game will only index a folder when entered, and it only reads the information while being inside it. The game is not going to change any file except the ones inside the game folder.”

The concept demo video shows off AdventurOS’ combat system for the first time. Casanova, who narrates the video, explains that the enemies are named after the file types found in the specific file chosen by the game to create that specific level. “The same folder structure will result in the same level design, so if you send a folder to a friend, the same level will be generated for both of you.”

Essentially, this means that players can manipulate their hard drives to create certain types of levels within AdventurOS. Casanova addresses the issue by saying that the game will balance out difficulty with reward, and that the more treasure opportunities are available, the more enemies will populate that particular level.

A playable Alpha will soon be available for backers who supported the game on IndieGoGo.


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