Secret Files Tunguska is Bringing its Mystery to iOS Devices

DSFishlabs-Secret Files Tunguska-Logo

Deep Silver and FISHLABS will be bringing the award winning point-and-click adventure game Secret Files Tunguska  to iOS owners at the end of June. Now with the inclusion of spot on touch-controls, players can expect the same gameplay and story that brought the title to popularity. Developed by German indie studio Animation Arts, the game has also graced the PC, Wii, and DS with its presence.

DSFishlabs-GAT-TunguskaStationThe game is inspired by the real life event of the Tunguska catastrophe, in which an unexplained explosion on the same level of an H-bomb devastated a remote part of central Siberia in 1908. Players find themselves in the role of Nina, an attractive mechanic who, along with her friend Max, begins to investigate the sudden disappearance of her father. They are tasked with solving a variety of quests and riddles, all while traversing gorgeous locations in Germany, Russia, Cuba, China, and Antarctica.

With full voice acting in English, German, Russian, Polish, French, and Spanish, many adventure fans can dive into the middle of a global conspiracy, with the Russian intelligence apparatus and an obscure secret society chasing behind them.

Secret Files Tunguska requires iOS 7 or higher, and will run on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices when it goes on sale at the end of June. It will be set at a fixed price of $4.99, and the initial purchase will give buyers full access to all features and content, which should provide iOS gamers with over 12 hours worth of gameplay.


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