Search the Stars in OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

TeamSignal is a small development team founded by Brian Lee and Scott Chen. They have been working together since meeting in college in 2011. Since then, TeamSignal has mostly released mobile games with an arcade feel, including 2014’s award-winning Hyper Square. Their newest title, OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is a change of pace for the studio.

screen01In OPUS, mankind has spent so long spreading across the cosmos that they’ve lost their way back home. The player controls Emeth, a childlike robot, as he helps in the search for Earth. The game offers hours of exploration with a storyline preoccupied with loneliness, purpose, and longing. It combines a meditative stargazing experience with planetary analysis and an emotive narrative.

The game has been professionally translated into multiple languages, and features a full, original soundtrack by composer Triodust. Designer Chen worked closely with the musician during the creation of the game to increase the impact of what they hope will be an immersive experience. As the player searches the galaxy with their telescope, the character of Emeth develops, realizing a higher purpose to his existence.

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is available on iOS and Android, and is free to try with in-app purchases to unlock the full game and download its soundtrack. For more information, check out the TeamSignal website, Facebook, or Twitter.