Sea of Solitude Makes Waves with Upcoming Playable Prototype


German developer Jo-Mei Games recently released an update about their latest project, Sea of Solitude, stating that a prototype will be hitting the USA soon. From what’s known about the project so far, Sea of Solitude is an open world exploration adventure game where recently turned-monster, Kay, is trying to find a way to restore her former self. The details are a little obscure at the moment, but one thing is for sure, the title aims to make a splash in the visual department, and further plans to entice players by offering a non-linear experience. The flooded city is where Kay searches for answers while encountering strange creatures and other monsters like her. While the early monsters she encounters appear dangerous at first, she soon realizes that the worst is yet to come, although the true nature of whatever dangers are in store is currently a well-kept secret by Jo-Mei.


In the past, Jo-Mei has released titles such as Brave Little Beasties, Koyotl, and Orbeater. Sea of Solitude plans to be an epic in its own right, attempting to blend an imaginative story with captivating artistry and a unique atmosphere. There’s a wealth of animated gifs on the web page to check out before the announcement of the prototype, and the developer can be followed on Twitter. For everything else related to the studio, their main page is a great organized resource.

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