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Welcome back to Screenshot Weekly! Every Tuesday, IGM brings you exclusive looks at upcoming games in various stages of development. The featured image introducing each game will always be original, and made especially for IGM, so you’ll see them for the first time right here! As a special mention this week to all those who support #screenshotsaturday and similar features IGM spotlights, please consider lending us your social media voice via Thunderclap. (It’s free, and you can sign up via Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr. All it does is post a single message – as seen on the campaign page – when the post goes live on July 8.) Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s screenshots:



“Thirty Thousand colonists set off on a journey across the stars; a cryogenically frozen trip that would take hundreds of years while robot caretakers and AI systems watched over them. Except something went terribly wrong. Now, almost six hundred years later, the ship is falling apart and the fate of the colonists rests with one little Magbot.” That is the intro to Magbot, an in-development platformer mixed with modern physics in development by solo developer Gordon Little. He describes the game as “A sci-fi adventure focused on exploration and environmental puzzles.” Beyond that, Magbot is a Metroidvania that features unlockable magnetic and gravity manipulation abilities, but the developer notes that it is not a combat-focused experience. (The game more heavily emphasizes exploration and narrative.) Magbots will support mouse & keyboard and Gamepads alike. Xbox 360 controllers are fully supported while DualShock 4 support is WIP.

magbot-gravtether magbot-blast magbot-upgrade

The Light Inside Us


Ready for a head trip? Dastan Games‘s The Light Inside Us “takes place inside the head of a scientist who dreams of finding extra-terrestrial life. He discovers certain evidence of alien activity and is given the choice to lead an expedition to outer space to follow up on these findings.” Eerily similar to the recently released Pixar film Inside Out, players “control the tiny part of him that wants to follow his dream and are opposed by the voices in his head which give him compelling reasons not to do so. These reasons range from leaving his family, to his insecurities and doubts about his own capabilities.” However, instead of being represented as little emotion creatures, “These opposing forces in his head come in the form of enemies and portals that spawn these enemies at regular intervals.” The key to combat is that “Each time you shoot a weapon, you use up a bit of your health, and each time you hit one of the enemies they add to your health.” The Light Inside us will be released on iOS.


Toby: The Secret Mine


Solo developer Lukas Navratil is hard at work on Toby: The Secret Mine. According to him, “This brilliantly created indie-game sensation is a shadowy platform-based adventure game where players will find themselves ensconced in a realm as creepy and mystifying as the eerie graphics and storyline demand.” Lukas went on to give his game a fair bit of high praise – words like “mystifying” and “engrossing” were involved – but the specifics add up to an experience that combines puzzle-platforming and adventure elements set against a backdrop of handcrafted environments and a fitting atmoshphere.  Toby: The Secret Mine takes inspiration from games such as Limbo, Nihilumbra, Oscura and Type:Rider. Narrative-wise, Toby’s goal is to traverse his way through the dark, ethereal landscape in search of his kidnapped friends. For more information about the game as it developers, you can follow Navratil on Twitter, or check out the game’s official Facebook and IndieDB pages.

Screen02 Screen04 Screen03

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