Screenshot Weekly – Terran-ical Iron Fish Getting Shadowstone’d


Welcome back to Screenshot Weekly! Every Saturday, IGM brings you exclusive looks at upcoming games in various stages of development. The featured image introducing each game will always be original, and made especially for IGM, so you’ll see them for the first time right here! This week’s roundup was made possible thanks to Europa Casino. Now without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s screenshots:

Rule with an Iron Fish


Not to be confused with Iron Fish, the deep sea psychological horror experience we were the first to scoop back in May, Rule with an Iron Fish is a quite lighthearted affair. Or perhaps, a zany affair is a more apt description. Speaking of descriptions, the developers at Kestrel Games — not to be confused with Kestrel Games Studio, another entirely different studio of the same name. Let the copyright race, begin! — left me with a bizarre and, if I’m being honest, rather ridiculous fishing… synopsis. (See what I did there?) “Armed with your trusty fishing rod, the seas are your oyster! Become the greatest pirate captain that ever fished. Add more pirates to your burgeoning island town! Fish in ludicrous locations like swamps, active volcanoes and the sky! Catch scientifically-inaccurate fish like pseudocarps, weaponized pufferfish  and passive-aggressive piranhas!” Rule with an Iron Fish, “a tall tale of pirates gone fishy,” is scheduled to release on mobile devices in late-2015.

IronFish01 IronFish02 IronFish03



In an unusual twist that only happens sparingly in the indie gaming industry, Ravenous Games is taking its predominantly mobile experience and developing a PC-friendly title. The game, Shadowstone, is described as a roguelike inspired, top-down action RPG. There’s not a heck of a lot of information to go on in terms of story, but some gameplay features have been detailed via TIGsource. The game will feature a customizable playable character, which extends to not only the visuals, but also the characters’ class and race, and a crafting system. Beyond that, there will also be a branching skill tree, which players will climb their way through while battling across randomized dungeon layouts, mini-bosses, and any other enemies they come across. Shadowstone is being developed using both Spine and Unity, with Ravenous Games citing the use of Spine as enabling them to create smoother animations. The game is currently being developed for desktops, via Steam.

Editor Screenshot 128 Editor Screenshot 145 editor_screenshot_130



You know, wouldn’t a true space simulator just be a whole lot of empty, quiet nothingness? With perhaps the occasional star exploding in the distance, or debris slowly creeping across the screen? Heathen Engineering, which is in fact a game studio and not a carpentry business specialized in making solitary confinement traps for heretics, is developing their version of a space simulator titled Terran. The game puts players in the space boots of a Terran pilot, and thrusts them into a universe full of tactical, and political, decision making. Players can abstain from any allegiances, or decide to join up with corporations or bounty hunter gangs, or just forge a faction of their own. Ships can be customized with different parts that are researched, discovered, purchased, or stolen. Ship-to-ship battles take place using real-time tactics, with VR support to make dizzying firefights literally dizzying. The galaxy quest is currently campaigning for votes on Steam Greenlight.

HardAtWork Hotseat WindowShopping

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