Screenshot Weekly – Magic, Mystery, and a Magnifico Fiesta


Welcome back to Screenshot Weekly! Every Saturday, IGM brings you exclusive looks at upcoming games in various stages of development. The featured image introducing each game will always be original, and made especially for IGM, so you’ll see them for the first time right here! Please note: One of today’s screenshots features topless mer…creatures, which could be considered NSFW. Okay, without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s screenshots:



As the development team that makes up Société des Mondes Virtuels put it, “3001SQ is a first-person, online multiplayer space colonization simulator set in a persistent universe that is being developed using an entirely custom engine for the PC platform (Windows, OS X, Linux).” To break that down a bit, players will be able to hop between each spacecraft in an effort to maintain and grow their colonies, perform EVAs (extravehicular activities), and explore various space oddities. As planets and moons are discovered, players can mine and trade resources that are then used to construct points of interest. “The control of ships and stations can be automated by programming virtual machines that are fed with data from the virtual world. This system allows for integrated modding and a new kind of ‘offline gameplay.'” says Project Manager and Technical Director Stjepan Stamenkovic. The latest news about the first commercial prototype, nicknamed the Red Edition, can be found here.

3001SQ_cockpit 3001SQ_terminal 3001SQ_life-support

Viva Sancho Villa


Viva Sancho Villa tells the the story of Sancho Villa in his quest for a New Revolution taking place in the land of Magico, a once prosperous land now under the yoke of Corrupted Emperor The Undesirable,” explains developer 2D nutz. As a Hack ‘n’ Slash action platformer, players must use their machete and dual revolvers to “liberate” Magico’s land from enemies such as Alebrijes and Luchadores. Speaking to the project’s design, the team boasts that “Viva Sancho Villa has fun and unique gameplay with intuitive controls, combining the best of a platfomer with kick ass combos and power ups.” The game is stylized to feel surreal, while also crafting a world where players can feel enriched by a sense of music, tradition, mythology, and art while exploring “colorful towns, dangerous fields, uprising villages, haunted forests and many more.” 2D nutz plans to bring Viva Sancho Villa to Kickstarter on Monday, August 31, in an effort to raise funds to complete the project.

SV(3) SV(2) SV(1)

Seven Mages


Napoleon Games describes Seven Mages as “a grid-based dungeon crawler in the style of Dungeon Master, but with a unique turn-based system of combat that allows you to split up your party members to make the battles more tactical. The mages you control employ various types of powers, including elemental magic, magical maneuvers, and unique musical magic.” These mages are tasked with protecting a village from other rogue mages looking to raid their crops. Though movement outside of combat is real-time, the game stops when a clash breaks out and the system switches to a turn-based mechanic. The magical melody system is impacted by the instrument a mage is holding. These tunes serve as traditional buffs or debuffs, but the interesting catch is that multiple mages can equip the same tune to increase the spell’s effectiveness as they play together. Seven Mages is currently in development for mobile devices, specifically iOS and Android. Details can be found here.

7M4IGM_2 7M4IGM_3 7M4IGM_1

That’s it for this installment of Screenshot Weekly. Be sure to come back next week to see more exclusive looks of the latest indie games in development! Let us know in the comments section what upcoming indie games you’d like to see featured in a future segment. As for any indie developers who would like to see their screenshots featured right here, feel free to send an email to IGM at with the Subject Line: “Screenshot Weekly.” Or, if you’d like to be part of our Magazine’s Screenshot Monthly segment, include that in the email as well!

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