Screenshot Weekly – Lightnings Bugs Guiding Star-powered Airships


Welcome back to Screenshot Weekly! Every Tuesday, IGM brings you exclusive looks at upcoming games in various stages of development. The featured image introducing each game will always be original, and made especially for IGM, so you’ll see them for the first time right here! As a final mention this week to all those who support #screenshotsaturday and similar features IGM spotlights, please consider lending us your social media voice via Thunderclap. (It’s free, and you can sign up via Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr. All it does is post a single message – as seen on the campaign page – when the post goes live on July 8.) The crowdfund launches tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed! Alright, without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s screenshots:

Airships: Conquer the Skies


We haven’t covered too many RTS games here on Screenshot Weekly, but since dedicated readers know I’m a fan of cyberpunk, I wanted to also show a little love to the steampunk community with a look at Airships: Conquer the Skies. Solo developer David Stark put it simply when he described the game as a “steampunk RTS where you construct airships out of modules and use them to conquer the world.” Modules include cannons, Suspendium chambers to keep them aloft, engines, crew quarters, and more. Floating at high altitude, ramming, and boarding are all employable strategies. One interesting tidbit is that the game has been in development since September of 2013. Airships: Conquer the Skies. is intended to launch “when it’s done,” which should be sometime in late-2015. For more information as Airships continues development, be sure to visit the game’s webpage. The game is also available as a preview build on Steam as part of the Early Access program.

landship_5 landship_3 landship_1

Catch a Falling Star

Not a game looking to mislead anyone, Catch a Falling Star is about, well, catching falling stars to score points. Players can move their basket left and right either by tilting their phone or tapping the screen to catch as many falling stars as possible. Described by two-man developer Alister Software as “A perfect little time waster while in the waiting room, at the bus stop or when nature calls!”, the game features hazards such as ice to slow the basket down, and power ups such as speed boosts and extra lives to aid the player. There are also power downs to avoid, and in-game currency (coins) to collect. “Various baskets and themes can be randomly unlocked with the coins you catch while playing. At launch, over 20 baskets will be available, and 5 beautifully designed and animated themes, including Island, Under-the-sea, Dessert and more,” says developer Rudi van der Walt. For more details from Alister Software, check out both devs on Twitter, or the game’s website.

Catch-a-Falling-Star-Main-Menu Catch-a-Falling-Star-Island-Theme Catch-a-Falling-Star-Choose-a-Basket-Screen



Imaginal is another case of an ex-AAA dev going indie. While the circumstances may sound familiar, the game itself is anything but. The brain child of Insomniac (Resistance 3, Sunset Overdrive) alumni Lisa Brown, with a little help from two of her friends, Imaginal is best described in her own words: “Imaginal is a game about catching lightning bugs with me. Like with me, Lisa, personally. It’s inspired by a nostalgic moment I had last Summer catching lightning bugs as an adult, and is an ambient, meditative, and all around chill experience. If you find and catch a blue lightning bug, I’ll tell you a little story, or give you an insight.” The game is part of a larger, ongoing developer stream project that Brown is currently producing. Those interested (particularly from the development community) can actually help contribute to the stream project by supporting it on Patreon. If you’d like to follow along with any future endeavors, be sure to follow Brown on Twitter @Wertle.

imaginal-screenshot1 Imaginal imaginal-screenshot4

That’s it for this installment of Screenshot Weekly. Be sure to come back next week to see more exclusive looks of the latest indie games in development! Let us know in the comments section what upcoming indie games you’d like to see featured in a future segment. As for any indie developers who would like to see their screenshots featured right here, feel free to send an email to IGM at with the Subject Line: “Screenshot Weekly.” Or, if you’d like to be part of our Magazine’s Screenshot Monthly segment, include that in the email as well!

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