Scrap Mechanic Building in a Sandbox on Steam

Game developers know how much we love to build, as well as survive, and those two concepts are coming together in Scrap Mechanic, an open-world game currently in development.

Scrap Mechanic has you playing as robot maintenance and mechanic person (it looks like an over-the-shoulder camera for the most part) who lands stranded on a planet where agriculture is fully automated by robots. As the spaceship malfunctions and crashes, it leaves you the sole survivor. Quickly it turns out that the agribots aren’t acting like they should, and they attack anyone who comes by. Using your creativity and ingenuity, it’s time to make do with a sledgehammer, which lets you break up man-made structures to rebuild to your whim. Finding randomly scattered engines and parts, with a large map to explore, Scrap Mechanic has you building more and more complicated, functional contraptions, including vehicles.

Transform creationl

“We really focused a lot on making a building system that lets the player create truly impressive moving creations with ease and without breaking immersion,” said Kacper Antonius, producer at Axolot Games.

This is the Swedish studio’s debut production. Likely most alluring to fans of survival games like Minecraft and DayZ, they’re hoping to bring Scrap Mechanic to the market in 2015, as they work on Survival and Multiplayer modes.

Currently, Scrap Mechanic is up on Steam Greenlight. The devs are looking to garner community support and a positive response as the game is at the Alpha stage right now. You can also check out their website for additional details.

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