Save the World in Zxill: A Legend of Time

After finding a magical crystal whole exploring the forest, Zxill triggers an event that requires him to save his village in the ever-changing world. Zxill: A Legend of Time is an adventure RPG with procedurally-generated worlds. Players must race against the clock to collect the crystals and help Zxill (pronounced “Zill”) save his world from destruction.

Exploring dungeons and collecting treasure is just the very start of Zxill’s tale. By performing an ancient ritual, players create new worlds and watch them expand. If players can’t keep pace everything happening during their adventure, then the world won’t expand. Random encounters and procedurally-generated maps keep the game constantly changing, with increasing difficulty.


The game is structured around random encounters and a combo-based battle system. For this battle system, ZX Digital highly recommends playing the game with either an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller rather than just the mouse and keyboard. They’re also looking for feedback from players; the game is launching today in Early Access on Steam, and they’re hoping for some input before the final release.

To celebrate the early access launch, Zxill: A Legend of Time will be on sale on Steam for 20% off the usual price of $6.99 USD for Windows PC. The price during early access and after full release will remain the same.

For more information on Zxill: A Legend of Time’s early access period and final launch, be sure to follow ZX Digital on Twitter.