Save the World, Hexagon by Hexagon, with Dukes of War

Seeking to remind the world that turn-based strategy games do in fact exist outside of Sid Meier’s brain, Mosaic Mask Studio launched a Kickstarter campaign for their game, Dukes of War.

Dukes of War is a rich and in-depth strategy game for both iOS and Android. The story revolves around a company of disgraced heroes named the ‘Dukes of War’ and their plight to purge a recent blight of the undead from the world.

Aside from an interesting story, the game features over 90 units, each with their own upgradable special ability. On top of this the game features recruitable hero units, as well as two playable ‘Duke’ characters who will be your main avatar for the game and have their own individual armies. Mosaic Mask Studio promise us that the game also has a significant amount of replay value, as you may want to try beating the game with a different Duke, take a different path or even recruit different heroes.


The developers at Mosaic Mask Studio are massive lovers of classic turn-based strategy games and this shows in the presentation of the game. Dukes of War looks like a turn-based strategy from the 90’s, only significantly prettier and easier to get into. Throw in some epic and originally-scored music from award-winning composer Jonathan Van Den Winjgaarden, who previously worked on Giana Sisters, and you have a vibrant and immersive fantasy world just waiting for you.

If you are interested in some turn-based fantasy hexagonal action, then check out the team’s Kickstarter page here.