Save the World and Your Dog: Ashen Rift’s Kickstarter has Begun

Yes, but does the dog survive?

You’ll have to play Ashen Rift to learn if Bounder makes it through to the end. Bounder is the player character’s loyal canine companion in this upcoming first-person survival horror game. Created by Canadian Barry Collins, Ashen Rift takes place in a nightmarish future where Earth has been “twisted and drained of almost all life.” Together, you and Bounder will embark on a quest to disable the “Rift,” which is believed to be the cause of all the horror.

Sound easy? It’s not, of course. You must protect yourself and Bounder from the Feeders, who are distorted husks of what used to be humans who are only too eager to feast on all remaining life forms on the planet, including you. While you collect and learn to use weapons and navigate the world, Bounder contributes to the effort using his canine senses and strength to alert you to danger. The closer you get to the Rift, the more dangerous and terrifying the terrain becomes.

The game will be different for each player because you, the one running the show, must construct a course of action which works best for you. Want to just kill everything standing between you and the Rift? Find a way to get the weapons you need. Not eager to confront the Feeders? Use your wits to navigate the landscape in a way that lets you hide. As developer Collins says, “The strength of Ashen Rift‘s design does not come from blasting bad guys with bullets for hours on end; it comes from the player’s ability to play the game the way their personality dictates.”


Collins has set up a Kickstarter to get him to the finish line so he can release the game, which is slated to be available for PC, Mac, and Linux users. He needs $45,000 to allow him to cover living expenses and the costs associated with finishing the game; assuming all goes according to plan,¬†Ashen Rift will be playable by December. So if you’d like to save the world – and find out if the dog lives – check out the Kickstarter today. Meanwhile, you can follow¬†Ashen Rift on Twitter for further updates.

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