Save The Comet Launches Through The Cosmos

Save The Comet launches today, reaching multiple mobile touchscreen devices. The Indie Game Magazine recently reviewed MogaMecha Game Studio’s game in this month’s digital issue, offering a good look at the then-near-end product. Feel free to check out the gameplay trailer above.

SaveTheCometSave The Comet is an infinite gravity action game that puts players in control of the trajectory of a comet as it soars through the cosmos. It runs very similar to an infinite running game, with the exception that players have to move the planets and other large objects in space close to the comet, using gravity to turn and increase speed. Players must also avoid different obstacles and hazards as they move through space, such as asteroids or hypernovas.

The game was initially created through the 48-hour development process of Global Game Jam 2012, with a team of three designers and one programmer. They then spent a long 18 months in development before today, working on a more detailed and visually appealing game with 3D models and animated explosions; all while following their core game mechanic.

The game is available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices for free. The game will offer in-app purchases that provide power ups and other advantages for the player. To learn more about the development process, and the team that created Save The Comet, visit MogaMecha Game Studio’s website.

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