Save People From Being Slimed In ‘Panic!’

Image of a slime monster attacking a city

Panic!, a new PlayStation® Mobile game created by Thumbs Up, Green Hill, and published with Ripstone, promises variety with humor, action, building debris, slime, slime monsters, and more slime!

The story behind this game is a straightforward one where players struggle to defend the city against a giant alien slime monster.  This involves fighting the monster directly and attempting to save civilian lives.

In order to do this, players must utilize quick thinking and reflexes to prepare blockades, topple houses, drop bombs and more.  The game, played from an above the ground perspective, makes it easy to see how the slime is filling in the roads and view the big picture of how the city looks.

It sounds like a fun way to spend some time.  After all, who doesn’t like fighting alien slime monsters?

For more information about Panic!, and some awesome screenshots, you can check out its Facebook page.  You can also keep up with updates by following developer Thumbs Up on Twitter.