Save A Space Janitor in ‘Worm Run’!


Originally written by Meg Stivison.

Readers of The Indie Game Magazine might know New York City indie studio, Golden Ruby Games, from their previous release Destroy All Colors! (Destroy All Colors!, an augmented reality puzzle game for iOs, was reviewed by IGM’s Mark Isaacson here.) .

These developers have just released a new space-themed runner game, Worm Run for iOS. Since the release, Worm Run has gotten so much attention from casual gamers that I almost feel silly calling this an indie. Golden Ruby’s Worm Run invites players to take on the role of pulpy sci-fi Zeke Tallahassee, a space janitor (Actually,  this is the second game I’ve discussed for IGM in which the protagonist is a space janitor.) running from a killer space worm. Worm Run presents players with an endless procedurally-generated path, with random hazards,  for poor space janitor Zeke to run.

Worm Run asks players to swipe the screen to rune Zeke away from the space worm, not tilt their device as in Imangi Studios’ Temple Run, or use a D-Pad.  Players can swipe comfortably and easily to run little Zeke away from certain doom. Worm Runners can also earn Grubies (That’s a cute contraction of Golden and Ruby, and not a typo for Grubbies. Not that I read it that way.), a space currency used to power-ups and worm repellent. The game is compatible with Game Center, enabling players to compare runs with friends.

Worm Run is a KickStarter success story. The game was partially completed when Golden Ruby put Worm Run on KickStarter, seeking and surpassing a modest three thousand dollar goal. With awesome projects failing to find funding, and funded projects disappearing, it’s always really nice to hear about a good KickStarter success.