Saturday Spotlight – Zombie Party (Black Shell Media)

Saturday Spotlight is a promotional series that offers publishers and game hosting sites the opportunity to have one of their games mentioned in a news post on Indie Game Magazine. Each post is sponsored by the publisher mentioned in the headline and as part of the article’s outro.


Time travel has been a popular aspect of numerous game franchises. From Time Crisis and Timesplitters to Chrono Trigger and BioShock Infinite, the ability to surf through time is not uncommon to the seasoned gamer. But how many games simultaneously offer a time traveling multi-dimensional adventure and rainbow laser guns? Zombie Party is an action RPG shoot ’em up developed by Peach Pie Productions that does just that.

Though it does include solo play, Zombie Party‘s title suggests it favors multiplayer over all else. Supporting up to four players simultaneously via local co-op, players face off against hordes of enemies and boss encounters via procedurally generated levels that include destructible environments. To help combat the variety of undead threats, Zombie Party features customizable modular guns which players can build to suit their style. Additional weapons and mods can be purchased via gold drops, and characters level up during play, earning skill points to increase basic attributes.


Zombie Party is currently available via Steam Early Access. It comes with a price tag of $7.99, and is available for Windows PCs.

Black Shell Media is a sponsor of Indie Game Magazine. According to their official statement, “With over 11 years of marketing, design and entrepreneurial experience, Daniel Doan and Raghav Mathur founded Black Shell Media in late 2012 and have since worked with hundreds of games on various marketplaces including Steam and the Humble Store, published over 30 titles and shipped over 550,000 copies of Black Shell Media games.” Any publisher or game hosting site interested in inquiring about booking a slot on Saturday Spotlight should send an email to

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