Saturday Spotlight – Lethal RPG: War (Black Shell Media)

Saturday Spotlight is a promotional series that offers publishers and game hosting sites the opportunity to have one of their games mentioned in a news post on Indie Game Magazine. Each post is sponsored by the publisher mentioned in the headline and as part of the article’s outro.


With a name like Lethal RPG, one might expect a game filled with danger around every turn. That’s partly true, but in actuality Lethal RPG: War is also named for its protagonist, Lethal. Also true to the namesake, Lethal rounds up a party of “elite” warriors and adventures across the land in typical RPG fashion. That world has 13 areas to explore across 50 story quests.

The party is made up of 8 playable characters in total, each with their own individual skill sets, armor, and weapons. Combat is a turn-based affair, and once battles have ended players can test their strength against increasingly difficult versions of previous opponents in a dedicated challenge arena. Crafting also plays a major role in offering players a means to better their weapons and gear, which will be necessary in order to take down the game’s boss monsters.


Lethal RPG: War is available now for Windows PCs via Steam. The full game is priced at $4.99 USD. It is developed by EyeSpyda Games and published by Black Shell Media.

Black Shell Media is a sponsor of Indie Game Magazine. According to their official statement, “With over 11 years of marketing, design and entrepreneurial experience, Daniel Doan and Raghav Mathur founded Black Shell Media in late 2012 and have since worked with hundreds of games on various marketplaces including Steam and the Humble Store, published over 30 titles and shipped over 550,000 copies of Black Shell Media games.” Any publisher or game hosting site interested in inquiring about booking a slot on Saturday Spotlight should send an email to

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