Saturday Spotlight: Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil (GameTop)

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Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil is a hidden-object game that continues the adventures of the protagonist for which the series is named. This time around, Jones receives a message to return to her old, unnamed university and aid a famous archaeologist by the name of Dr. William Adams. Their ultimate goal is to unravel the mysteries behind an ancient talisman.

Players must point and click their way through the various environments, picking up items and using them to solve puzzles to progress the story. There are also mini-games to partake in, such as feeding a cat by catching fish. A hint system is in place to guide players, in the event they get stuck. Throughout the journey, Jones meets a number of characters and discovers her actions will ultimately save the world from total destruction.


Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil is available exclusively for Windows PC. The game is free to play, and requires 46MB of space to download.

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