Saturday Spotlight – Devils & Demons (Headup Games)

Saturday Spotlight is a promotional series that offers publishers and game hosting sites the opportunity to have one of their games mentioned in a news post on Indie Game Magazine. Each post is sponsored by the publisher mentioned in the headline and as part of the article’s outro.


The world of Desola was at the height of its glory, prospering in a magical age ruled by dragons. That is, until the day a portal opened up in the shadowlands, resulting in a horde of demons escaping out into the world. Now, amidst the backdrop of an ongoing war between men and monsters, players must gather a party of heroes brave enough to adventure on a quest in the name of the Order of Light.

Originally a mobile title, Devils & Demons is a strategy RPG rebuilt for PC and developed by HandyGames. The game features turn-based tactical combat, multiple recruitable, class-based party members, and voice acted dialogue set against an orchestral score. It boasts hours of gameplay and hundreds of maps to explore.


Devils & Demons releases on October 6, and will be available for Windows PC at the discounted launch price of $9.99 USD (the full price is $13.99).

Headup Games is a sponsor of Indie Game Magazine. According to their official statement, “We are an independent games publisher located near Cologne in Germany awarded as Best German Publisher in 2012 and 2013 by the German Developers Association. Together with our partners, we focus on the contentment of our customers and the best gameplay experience delivered at the fairest price-quality ratio.” Any publisher or game hosting site interested in inquiring about booking a slot on Saturday Spotlight should send an email to

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