Sail The Seven iOS Seas For Treasure In ‘Pirate Plunder’

Treasure. No pirate would be the same without it, and Captain BlackJack is no exception in iOS title Pirate Plunder, a little puzzler by Pixel Factory which just launched the other day.

The problem the captain faces, of course, is that he’s misplaced it all. But unlike other pirate games, you won’t ‘actually’ be sailing seas or fighting giant tentacle monsters or destroying movie franchises (heh). What you’ll be doing here is connecting the dots, so to speak, in order for the Captain to reach his most important booty. The trick here is to reach the goal with the least amount of moves made in order to score the highest result possible, finding the right path amongst the choices without spending too much effort. The connection mechanic may sound a little too easy, but the game will challenge you in order to receive the bonus Jems that await you.

Said challenges are made up of deadly obstacles like mines or rocks that lay in your path, though some of these can be blown up by using some handy TNT. If all else fails you could always retire from being a pirate and become a one legged dancer at the local tavern, but where’s the fun in that, especially when there’s more buried treasure to find along the way.

There’s a total of 96 levels within the opening launch for the paltry sum of $0.99c, but if you’ve spent your last gold coins on that diamond encrusted eye patch you found on eBay, there’s a free version of the game available for download in the App Store that includes the first 12 levels to give you a taste of what’s to come.

For more on Pirate Plunder and it’s all ages game play and presentation, set your compass to the official website.