Safely Guide a Fish Through a Spiky Swim

Canadian-based development team Prairie West Software have released Spiky Swim for free on iOS and Android as of Thursday, August 20. The casual strategy game may invoke strong memories of the 2013 hit Flappy Birds, with its play style and addictive concept.

ss ipad2 en 768x1024The game is set underwater where players take control of a blue fish, trying to collect as many gold coins as possible without touching the array of colorful obstacles that fill the level. The top and bottom portions are permanently fixed with deadly spikes, while the sides randomly populate after each new turn. Players must bounce the fish between each side of the screen in order to survive the round.

Spiky Swim gives players a series of additional boosts to help them survive along the way. Power-ups include spike halt, lightning zap, shrink, multi-fish, hardhat, bubble shield, nuke, and laser. Players can also unlock a series of new characters within the Fish Market, all equipped with special attributes, through collecting the randomly generated coins that are scattered throughout the level.


Pre-loaded in the game is the option to choose from six different languages: English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch. For more information about Spiky Swim, visit the title’s official  website, or follow them on Twitter.