RymdResa Drifts Gently Onto Steam

Swedish developers Morgondag — a couple who make games together — are releasing a game to give gamers a poetic, almost reflective journey through space. RymdResa is, as the duo puts it, a “Procedurally Generated Space Odyssey.” This means there’s a new universe to explore each time.

Morgondag wants players to feel the beauty and the moving poetry of space, and so abstract poetry and art reveal themselves as the player’s ship moves from place to place. Each world can be explored and used by the player, though it isn’t quite clear how deeply players can interact with these worlds just yet.


Despite the fact that the game is also described by the developers as being a roguelike, it’s simultaneously¬†described as nonviolent.

RymdResa is releasing to Steam on August 20 for both Mac and PC, and it will eventually be available for Xbox One, Linux, iPad, and Wii U (sorry PS4 owners!). The game will be priced at $11.99 USD. Those interested can find out more about the game from its Steam page and website, and can learn more about the two folks behind the game from their website.

While space is, realistically, a pretty quiet journey, RymdResa features a soundtrack composed by Tom Croke and Pat Jacobs. Below is a sampling of the soundtrack, which can be found in full via Bandcamp.


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