RX-3 Spaceship – Rescue Where No Man Has Rescued Before

Christian Müller & Krzysztof Mikolajczyk , the two-man indie game development team that go by the name of Apol3d, recently contacted me on Twitter about their game, RX-3 Spaceship­, which was recently released on GameJolt to be enjoyed for free. Who am I to deny our readers free indie game entertainment?

RX-3 2

RX-3 Spaceship places gamers in the cockpit of a petite spaceship, given the important mission of rescuing humans from hostile environments on alien planets. To do this, gamers must carefully use their spaceship’s thrusters to navigate around the perils of each level, paying attention to the amount of fuel left, the location of the refuelling pads, and where the humans are that need saving. Oh, and don’t forget the hazards of alien creatures that work their way around the levels, causing damage and even death when coming into contact with your vessel.

To complete a level, gamers must save as many of the humans as they can with the limited fuel and lives they are given, and then land on the pad at the end of the level. The developers say that their game brings quite a challenge, and recommend playing with a gamepad where possible.

RX-3 1

If you want to play RX-3 Spaceship for a bit of free spaceship-flying, human-rescuing fun – and why wouldn’t you? – you can find the game here. For more information on this game and Apol3d, follow them on Twitter, or head to the website.

  • Hugo Steinmetz

    i see a new subterrania-choplifter style game. thats nice.